2014 LIPE & AAPG Northern Arabia Geoscience Conference and Exhibition

27 – 29 May
| Beirut, Lebanon

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On behalf of the organizing committee of the 2014 “LIPE & AAPG Northern Arabia Geoscience Conference”, we cordially invite you to join us in Beirut for this special conference and exhibition dedicated to geoscience in Northern Arabia and Lebanon. Since 2011, the Lebanon International Petroleum Exploration (LIPE) Forum and Exhibition has been a successful event providing a platform for government and industry delegates, consultants, and academic researchers. The various LIPE’s managed to display the phenomenal progress that the Lebanese Petroleum Administration achieved for its preparation for the first Lebanon offshore licensing round.

In 2014, together with AAPG Middle East we are moving one step further by hosting Lebanon in its Northern Arabia geo-context in order to enlarge the exchange platform provided by LIPE. The 2014 LIPE & AAPG Conference and Exhibition will tackle the current trends and challenges in the upstream throughout the Northern Arabian Region.

Several new discoveries have been announced in the last decade in the northern part of the Arabian region, encompassing conventional and unconventional reserves and in a variety of environments. Known resources and potential remaining undiscovered hydrocarbons in this region represent a’ game-changer’ in the global oil and gas markets. There remains very significant exploration potential in the region stretching from Turkey in the north to Saudi Arabia in the south. Northern Iraq’s E&P market is currently booming and is witnessing a huge surge in activity. This conference will therefore be a forum for geoscience discussion from Lebanon and other countries such as Syria, Jordan, Northern Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The organizing committee has outlined an excellent program for the conference with a comprehensive list of topics, that we hope you will find appealing. We do hope that you will grasp this opportunity to be part of the conference by contributing and presenting your work, sharing your knowledge, hearing influential decision makers and executives and networking with other geoscientist from the region and the world.

Program Committee:

Wissam Chbat (Co-Chairman),  Ministry of Energy & Water and Lebanese Petroleum Administration

Fadi Nader (Co-Chairman), IFP Energies nouvelles

Lucien Montadert, Beicip-Franlab

Les Morrison, EMGS

Hamed Harbi, Eni

Nasser Hoteit, Lebanese Petroleum Administration

Waleed Nasr, Lebanese Petroleum Administration

Per Helge, PGS

Anton Koopman, Shell

Erich Funk, Shell

Ziad Jeha, Schlumberger

Simon Haddad, Total

Robert Kuchinski, Weatherford

Technical Program

Day 1: Tuesday, 27 May

  • Plenary Session: Lebanon Offshore/Onshore Hydrocarbon Prospectivity and Upstream Industry Progress
  • Innovative Technologies I
  • Geoscience Challenges in Lebanon and Northern Arabia
  • Case Studies and Integrated Geophysical and Geological Techniques
  • New Plays Concepts in Exploration

Day 2: Wednesday, 28 May

  • Levant and Red Sea Exploration I
  • Levant and Red Sea Exploration II
  • Traps, Seals, Faults and Fracture Networks
  • Sequence Stratigraphy and Regional Correlations
  • Petroleum Systems I
  • Geodynamics, Tectonics Studies and Impact on Resources I
  • Geodynamics, Tectonics Studies and Impact on Resources II
  • Reservoir Studies in Northern Arabia

Day 3: Thursday, 29 May

  • Plenary Session: HR Challenges for the Future of the Petroleum Industry
  • Innovative Technologies II
  • Petroleum Systems II
  • Unconventional Resources in Northern Arabia

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Overview of Technical Program

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Plenary Session 1: Tuesday, 27th of May, 09:45 – 11:00 hours

Lebanon Offshore/Onshore Hydrocarbon Prospectivity and Upstream Industry Progress

Chaired by: A member of the Petroleum Administration Lebanon

Plenary Speakers – members of the Petroleum Administration Lebanon:

  • Nasser Hoteit, President, Head of Technical and Engineering
  • Assem Abou Ibrahim, Head of QHSE
  • Wissam Chbat, Head of Geology and Geophysics
  • Gaby Daaboul, Head of Legal
  • Walid Nasr, Head of Strategic Planning
  • Wissam Zahabi, Head of Economics and Finance

The first plenary session of the 2014 LIPE & AAPG Northern Arabian Geoscience Conference and Exhibition presents the actual status of the Lebanese hydrocarbon prospectivity (offshore and onshore) and details the momentous progress that has been achieved with regards to the upstream industry in Lebanon. What has been achieved so far? What are the next milestones? These are some of the questions that will be discussed by LPA board members during this session. This plenary session will also include an open discussion with the audience in order to clarify issues related to the readiness of Lebanon in facing its upcoming petroleum era.


Plenary Session 2: Thursday, 29th of May, 08:30 – 10:00 hours

Plenary HR Challenges for the Future of the Petroleum Industry in the Middle East

Chaired by: Mr. Nasser Hoteit, Head of Technical and Engineering, Petroleum Administration Lebanon

Plenary Speakers:

  • Mouïn Hamzé, General secretary, Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research
  • Fadi Geara, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, USJ-ESIB University
  • Paul Koop, Expert, CERTEG
  • Daniel Champlon, Director, IFP Energies nouvelles, International Affairs Division

The second plenary session of the 2014 LIPE & AAPG Northern Arabian Geoscience Conference and Exhibition tackles human resource challenges and capacity building for the future of the petroleum industry generally in the Middle East and North Africa, and particularly in Lebanon. Actually non-existent or limited number of qualified geoscience professionals in the upstream industry, a dramatically changing energy landscape with complex technologies, and a drive to unorganized private training institutions, all together point to the need to design the appropriate means for local capacity building and human resources capable of positively contributing to the future petroleum industry.

This plenary session will start with the vision of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration presented by its president Mr. Hoteit. Then the four panelists will share their views on how to organize the required capacity building and human resources in this region (Lebanon in particular) in order to meet the future needs.


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