EAGE/SPE/AAPG Shale Gas Workshop

21 – 23 September
| Dubai, UAE

Middle East is endowed with world-class source rocks that make the region an attractive resource to unlock Shale Gas. The region is witnessing an increased level of activity related to Shale Gas exploration. This represents an opportunity for the industry to tap into this new hydrocarbon resource.

Harnessing this potential remains a challenge that requires a de-risking strategy which is distinct from conventional exploration and development risk minimisation processes. The de-risking strategy necessitates implementing the latest developments and approaches in our industry.

Leveraging from global analogues, the workshop aims to apply lessons worldwide to the Middle East Shale Gas setting. Additionally the workshop will explore several distinct features that in the region. We anticipate rich discussions to further understand these new potential reservoirs.

The second shale gas workshop is planned and organized by three key international societies that best understand such resources, the European Association of Geoscientists, the Engineers and Society of Petroleum Engineers and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. With their vast resources of world-class expert members, EAGE/SPE/AAPG provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to understand shale gas.

We plan to conduct oral and posters sessions to cover key facets of the process – from finding, to appraisal, to pilot, through development and to production. A short course will be part of the programme also.

For more information on workshop topics and registration, please visit the following link