AAPG/SPE E&P Data Management

09 – 11 June
| Istanbul, Turkey

‘Unlock billions of $ in value by enabling insights through better accessibility, quality and use of data’

In a data driven society and business, data represents a key corporate and competitive asset. It provides the asset owner an undeniable competitive edge through; trusted data, smart insights, fast decisions, and efficient processes. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production are dependent on data and accumulated knowledge to make the right decisions. Large amount of seismic and well data is being acquired, processed, and interpreted to reduce risks and increase value in making decisions along every step in the Exploration and Production process. Managing E&P data, as a key corporate asset, requires robust strategies, sustainable implementations and experienced data management teams. In other words, to enable the industry to “Unlock billions of $ in value by enabling insights through better accessibility, quality and use of data”

The E&P community has been questing for solutions to manage data with various levels of success, in implementing best practices and establishing processes and tools to manage and govern the flow of data. Technology providers have also attempted to provide solutions to manage this data although the heterogeneity and incompatibility of the applications and data standards have slowed down the progress in coming with the best solution for the specialized needs of every company. With the increased vulnerability of computer networks and cyber-attacks, security and protection of the data as a strategic asset became paramount in the priority of technical and business leaders across the industry. This vulnerability has heightened the needs to better manage access to data, backup and archival of this data, and business continuity in case of loss or interruption of access to the data.

Regulators across the globe are expecting the industry to operate in a socially responsible way and demand access to information at various stages of the E&P process. Following some major catastrophic environmental disasters, data demand from the regulators is expected to increase exponentially, and the industry better be prepared to satisfy this demand With these growing challenges and the increasing emphasis on the importance of E&P data and knowledge, it is essential that organizations understand how to manage their data and knowledge effectively. This workshop will focus on E&P data and knowledge management through a comprehensive technical program with presentations and discussions to share case studies, strategies, solutions, and other relevant experiences.

Program Committee:

Nasser Al Mahrooqi (Chairman),  PDO

Daniel Zweidler (Co-Chair),  DZA

Huwaida Al Harthy,  BP

Marcos Alves,  Halliburton

Ali Alyahyaee,  Ministry of Oil and Gas, Oman

Tawfeeq Faraj,  Saudi Aramco

Kees Bernard ,  Shell

Ali Didanloo,  Schlumberger

Technical Sessions

  • Session 1: Case Studies
  • Session 2: Data Governance
  • Session 3: Data Management Solutions and Technology
  • Session 4: People and Culture
  • Session 5: Future of Data Management

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Who Should Attend

  • Data managers
  • Data users
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Senior managers and decision makers

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Intercontinental Istanbul

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