Geosciences Workforce: Attraction & Retention

14 – 16 April
| Abu Dhabi, UAE

The perception is that we are a dying industry…..Increasingly oil and natural gas production is associated with more challenging regions or more complex difficult fields, such as maturing reservoirs, complicated and highly fractured traps, ultra-deep water, unconventional and extended reach drilling , and technological innovation to enhance oil recovery. When this increase in complexity is coupled with the global increase in energy demand and higher oil prices, the industry faces an increased demand for new talent and the necessity of attracting and retaining experienced geoscience experts.

This problem is felt by all national oil companies, majors, independents and service companies around the world. The fact that this shortage is global and independent of the role the company plays in the oil and gas life cycle creates a large global demand. On the other hand, the number of human resources to fill this demand is decreasing in comparison to large production increases over the past 10 years, which is attributed to the retirement of long-time experts and the fact that new graduates are more attracted to technology, private and governmental owned companies. In short, like oil and gas production, the easy experts have been tapped. The shortage of skilled personnel has ignited global competition for the recruitment of highly competent staff, and the immediate influence of social media has created an increased need for companies to find new and innovative ways to attract and retain their geosciences workforce in order to meet their long-term corporate objectives.

This workshop will focus on industry best practices for attracting and retaining Generation Z, how to attract mid-career hires in a highly competitive recruitment environment, how to retain your current geosciences workforce and capitalize on your training investment, and finally how social media can work for or against you in attracting and retaining your geoscience workforce.


Technical Program Committee:

Salem Al Baker (Co-Chair), ADCO

Melissa Suman (Co-Chair), Schlumberger

Hodo Abokor, ADCO

Wouter Smits, PDO

Eman Yami, Saudi Aramco

Arnold Frinks, Weatherford


Technical Program

  • Session 1: PR of the Industry
  • Session 2: Attraction and Retention of Generation “Z”
  • Session 3: Attraction of Mid-Career Hires
  • Session 4: Bridging the Knowledge Gap
  • Session 5: Retention of Geosciences Workforce

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Benefits of Attending

  • Gain valuable best practices from leading oil and gas companies
  • Understand how to hire, train and employ young workers known as Generation Z
  • Learn key factors for attracting and retaining geosciences workforce
  • Learn how to make social media work in your favor
Who Should Attend

  • Managers of geoscience personnel
  • Human Resources/Personnel Managers
  • Training and development managers

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