AAPG/EAGE Tight Reservoirs in the Middle East

28 – 30 October
| Abu Dhabi, UAE

With the demand for energy increasing, the Middle East is stepping up its exploration efforts for additional hydrocarbon resources. Amongst these will be an increased emphasis on capitalizing on the abundant potential in unconventional resources. Tight reservoirs of the Middle East are expected to be a major contributor in meeting the energy needs of the growing demand worldwide.

This workshop is the outgrowth of continued cooperation between AAPG and EAGE to develop a series of multi-disciplined gatherings dedicated to understanding, completing, and producing tight sandstone and carbonate reservoirs. Our goal is to assemble industry leaders who will share their knowledge and expertise in unlocking unconventional resources with application to the Middle East. The workshop will provide access to and interaction with world class experts from multiple disciplines (geology, geophysics and engineering). A wide range of Middle East examples and solutions will be presented, including case studies, analogs and best practices which will provide an excellent venue to contribute, learn and network.

This workshop will aim to create a stimulating environment to address challenges and solutions facing tight reservoir development in the Middle East.


Program Committee:

Ali Al Mutairi (Co-Chair), ADMA-OPCO

Hafiz Al Shammery (Co-Chair), Saudi Aramco

Pierre Van Laer, ADCO

Sultan Dahi Al Hassani, ADMA-OPCO

Faaeza Al Katheeri, ADNOC

Hans-Christian Freitag, Baker Hughes

Ercan Ozer, Core Laboratories Intl.

Bart Vos, Fenix Consulting Delft

AJ Wardak, Halliburton

Edwin Lamers, PDO

Mohammed Al-Mahmoud, Saudi Aramco

Victor Hugo Noguera, Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc.

Christopher Fredd, Schlumberger

Andy Anderson, Weatherford


  • To follow
  • This workshop targets technical experts involved in exploring and developing tight reservoirs who are working in national, operating and service companies, as well as academic institutions.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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