AAPG/SEG Exploration of Subsalt Structures in Rift Basins

07 – 09 October
| Dead Sea, Jordan

Understanding of salt tectonics this has led to renewed exploration interest in many salt basins throughout the world resulting in discoveries of hydrocarbons. New discoveries and an increase in exploration activity in subsalt plays within the Middle East and North Africa make the timing of the proposed workshop appropriate.

The workshop will be opened by plenary sessions that will overview the exploration history of the exploration of subsalt structures in rift basins with emphasis on Middle East plays. This workshop will focus on the challenges of exploring for hydrocarbons in rift settings from new seismic technologies to the geology, basin evolution and petroleum systems of rift basins.


Program Committee:

Nickolas Raterman (Chair), Saudi Aramco

Moataz Kamel (Co-Chair), BP

Hamed Harby, ENI

Abdulkader Afifi, Saudi Aramco

Gordon Coy, Shell

Rob Schouten, CGG

Fred Snyder, WesternGeco


  • Tectonic Evolution of Rift Basins
  • Seismic Acquisition and Processing for Subsalt Imaging
  • Exploration in Rift Systems
  • Technologies for Non Seismic
  • Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of Rift
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  • Predicting the reservoir potential of clastic deposits of rift basins
  • Recent subsalt exploration experience along rifts and passive margins
  • Geotechnical professionals from industry and academia, both those actively working these topics and those wishing to learn more.
  • Asset managers and leaders of all E&P companies interested in enhancing their exploration and development activities in subsalt rift basin plays. The workshop is expected to be a great opportunity for exchanging experience and knowledge as well as for having fruitful discussions.

For more information please email aapgme@aapg.org.